Get your aluminum driveshaft certified and registered

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SFI Certification, Label, & Registration for Aluminum Driveshafts


We offer SFI Certified driveshafts to our customers who race in a class where certification is required.  

We are one of only 10 driveshaft shops in America that is able to build and certify driveshafts under the SFI Spec 43.1 Driveshafts label.  We had to submit samples for extensive torque testing in order to be included as a participating manufacturer.

***Do I need a SFI Certified driveshaft?***

About SFI Foundation:

The SFI Foundation, Inc. (SFI) is a non-profit organization established to issue and administer standards for the quality assurance of specialty performance and racing equipment. The SFI Foundation has served the automotive aftermarket and the motorsports industry since 1978. Our service to the industry is a system of developing and administering various standards, certifications and testing criteria for use in motorsports.


We build all of our 1350 series one piece aluminum driveshafts the same.  The difference between SFI Certified and our regular driveshafts is paperwork, record keeping, registration and labeling requirements.

When we build a SFI Certified driveshaft we must keep record of each part used, the part lot number, and the part production date etc.  We also affix a SFI Certified label to the driveshaft with a specific number so we can match the record to the driveshaft.  This is in case of part failure, we can trace exactly what was used.

SFI Certified driveshafts are not built any different, or with any different components than our regular driveshafts.  

The main reason you would need to choose SFI Certified is if you are racing in a class which requires certification.