It’s your 🍀 lucky 🍀 newsletter month. We will make it short and sweet.

Events we attended this month:

• NMRA SPRING BREAK SHOOTOUT was at the Orlando World Speedway March 3-5

• TX2K23 was at the Houston Raceway March 16-19

If you missed our bonus announcement about our Torque Tester, it’s here:

We now offer IN HOUSE Static Torque Testing of ALL carbon fiber driveshafts before shipping. Tired of failed bonds? Tired of breaking carbon fiber shafts on your first “hit” in the burnout box at the strip? So were we! We now have a solution. We believe we are 1 of 3 shops in America to offer this service. It’s not an “add on” or additional cost. We do this as a courtesy for all carbon fiber customers. We 100% guarantee your bonds are solid up to 4,000ft/lbs of torque before the driveshaft leaves our shop.
AND…make sure to watch the video to the end for a fun contest we are having. Win some money and bragging rights. Details in the video. Please like and share!

• We are still waiting for the results from the poll to come in to determine the name for it.

• We are also working on the latest videos for our YouTube channel.

• There’s a new addition at the shop: it’s a Coetz balancer. We give our driveshafts precision balancing and include print out reports.

That’s all for now! Watch our posts for updates in April.