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Warranty/Terms and Conditions


Driveshaft Specialists driveshafts are built using the highest quality components offered by Spicer and NEAPCO. Our driveshafts are only covered by the original purchaser and are non-transferable. Purchaser must provide proof of purchase.

Our lifetime warranty covers all workmanship (welds) and twisting of tubing. We also offer a 12 month warranty of all wear and tear items such as UJoints, slip and spline, and CV kits, as long as proper maintenance has been done regularly.

What is not covered:

Driveshaft Specialists will not cover under warranty the following: improper installation, tubing damage due to rocks, ledges or other sharp object, improper angles, lack of maintenance, axle wrap, and tampering.

Improper installation would include things such as not torqueing bolts, not using supplied Loctite, etc. Driveshaft Specialists will not be held liable for damage to drivetrain components due to improper installation including Transfer Case, Rear End, transmission or any other damage due to driveshaft falling out or failing.

Improper angles could cause driveshaft components not to operate properly. This could cause rubbing and binding. It could also cause the driveshaft components such as ujoints to fail more quickly than they should. Customer is responsible to ensure their angles are correct to reduce driveshaft binding.

Lack of maintenance includes not greasing components such as ujoints, extreme rusting, and contaminates in the slip and spline such as mud, dirt, and water. Doing routine maintenance will extend the life of your driveshaft and is the responsibility of the owner.

We also will not cover any additional work done to our driveshafts by other shops. If your driveshaft needs repairs, please call us first. We will not reimburse work done at other shops. If it needs shortened, lengthened, balanced we will do that for you. If it’s our error we will do this free of charge and cover shipping. If it was a custom build, specific measurements, etc the cost will be the responsibility of the consumer. We will try to do everything to make your driveshaft purchase from us as a great decision.


Driveshaft Specialists FL/Gulfcoast Driveshaft will warranty only our workmanship on our driveshafts.  We will not cover any warranty on driveshafts that are modified in any way: welded, repaired, balanced by someone else, etc.  We will also not warranty any driveshaft that is damaged, which includes heat shield rub, bolts scratching the tubing, clearance issues, dented, etc.  We provide no warranty at all on driveshafts that are improperly installed, misused or exceed driveshaft critical speed.  We do not cover bonding failures and thermally damaged carbon fiber tubing resulting from excessive heat.

Driveshaft Specialists FL/Gulfcoast Driveshaft warranty is good for 12 months from date of purchase.  The warranty is only covered for the initial purchaser, and is non transferable.  We cover only our workmanship which includes broken welds.  We will repair or replace an aluminum driveshaft if our weld breaks.  We highly recommend driveshaft safety loops.  This is CRITICAL in performance and racing applications.  If a driveshaft fails, Driveshaft Specialists FL/Gulfcoast Driveshaft and its distributors are not held liable for any damage done to the vehicle including: transmission, differential, exhaust, muffler, or vehicle floor damage.  It is ultimately your responsibility to install safety loops to avoid any damage to your vehicle.  Driveshaft Specialists FL/Gulfcoast Drivehsaft and its distributors will not be held responsible for loss of money, time or reimbursement for any damage caused.

Driveshaft Specialists FL/Gulfcoast Driveshaft uses a high speed balancer for our driveshafts, which includes a balance report with each order.  We guarantee your driveshaft is balanced before it leaves our shop.  If after install you experience a vibration, please call us or email us and we will give you a few steps to check first.  If after all the steps are verified and you still have a vibration, we can re-check the driveshaft balance for you.  The customer will be responsible for shipping back to our shop.  We will check the balance and provide another report.  If our findings are the driveshaft was balanced incorrectly, we will rebalance at no cost to the customer and we will pay for return shipping.  If the driveshaft was in balance, and the customer’s car has another issue occurring, the customer will pay for the rebalance and for return shipping.

These are upgraded racing and performance driveshafts.  Driveshaft Specialists FL/Gulfcoast Driveshaft aluminum and carbon fiber driveshafts should be installed by professionals.  Driveshaft Specialists FL/Gulfcoast Driveshaft and its distributors will not be held liable for improper installation.  Driveshaft Specialists FL/Gulfcoast Driveshaft and it’sdistributors will also not be held liable for any damages, loss of time or money.  By installing our driveshafts you are agreeing to the terms.  You are also agreeing to not hold Driveshaft Specialists FL/Gulfcoast Driveshaft or its distributors liable for vehicle damages and waive the right to any lawsuit that may arise from the use of our driveshafts.

Additionally, carbon fiber driveshaft are bonded.  Driveshaft Specialists FL/Gulfcoast Driveshaft will torque test every carbon fiber driveshaft before shipping to ensure proper bond adhesion.  Please keep heat in excess of 240 degrees away from the tubing and bonded areas for extended periods of time.  While it is uncommon to see these temperatures under a moving vehicle, we highly recommend heat shielding/insulation, exhaust/header wrap, to create a barrier of protection between the driveshaft and the hot spots of the car, specifically at catalytic converters. One of main causes of heat related tubing and bond damage is caused by a freshly tracked car being parked on an asphalt surface for an extended amount of time of 15 to 30 minutes. If the car is immediately put back on track, the strength of the tube and bond may be compromised if they are not given enough time to be adequately cooled. The lack of airflow over the driveshaft and the exhaust system can cause the undercar temperatures to rise significantly causing the bond and tube to heat soak and should be avoided. Shafts that fail due to improper heat shielding and subsequent thermal degradation are not covered by warranty.

Returns and Refunds:

Custom built driveshafts are non-refundable, unless it’s an error on our end.  We will do everything possible to build your product exactly as requested.  Driveshaft Specialists FL/Gulfcoast Driveshaft will not cover incorrect measurements by the customer.  If there is an incorrect measurement by the customer, Driveshaft Specialists FL/Gulfcoast Driveshaft will do the repair work, however the customer will incur all costs of the repair, including shipping to and from our shop.

Any return for warranty work will require an RMA number from Driveshaft Specialists/Gulfcoast Driveshaft.  We will not accept any returns without this number.  Please email or call the shop to get an authorization number. Driveshaft Specialists FL/Gulfcoast Driveshaft will only accept returns of our driveshafts if they are new and uninstalled with original purchase receipt and approved RMA number.  Once the return is authorized there will be a 15% restocking fee adjusted from the original purchase price.

All returns will require a return authorization number. Please call the shop at 813-620-4303 to speak to us. We can answer any questions, offer help/advice, and/or assign a RA number for you.

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