Terms and Conditions

Warranty/Terms and Conditions

Driveshaft Specialists driveshafts are built using the highest quality components offered by Spicer and NEAPCO. Our driveshafts are only covered by the original purchaser and are non-transferable. Purchaser must provide proof of purchase.

Our lifetime warranty covers all workmanship (welds) and twisting of tubing. We also offer a 12 month warranty of all wear and tear items such as UJoints, slip and spline, and CV kits, as long as proper maintenance has been done regularly.

What is not covered:

Driveshaft Specialists will not cover under warranty the following: improper installation, tubing damage due to rocks, ledges or other sharp object, improper angles, lack of maintenance, axle wrap, and tampering.

Improper installation would include things such as not torqueing bolts, not using supplied Loctite, etc. Driveshaft Specialists will not be held liable for damage to drivetrain components due to improper installation including Transfer Case, Rear End, transmission or any other damage due to driveshaft falling out or failing.

Improper angles could cause driveshaft components not to operate properly. This could cause rubbing and binding. It could also cause the driveshaft components such as ujoints to fail more quickly than they should. Customer is responsible to ensure their angles are correct to reduce driveshaft binding.

Lack of maintenance includes not greasing components such as ujoints, extreme rusting, and contaminates in the slip and spline such as mud, dirt, and water. Doing routine maintenance will extend the life of your driveshaft and is the responsibility of the owner.

We also will not cover any additional work done to our driveshafts by other shops. If your driveshaft needs repairs, please call us first. We will not reimburse work done at other shops. If it needs shortened, lengthened, balanced we will do that for you. If it’s our error we will do this free of charge and cover shipping. If it was a custom build, specific measurements, etc the cost will be the responsibility of the consumer. We will try to do everything to make your driveshaft purchase from us a great decision.

All returns will require a return authorization number. Please call the shop at 813-620-4303 to speak to us. We can answer any questions, offer help/advice, and/or assign a RA number for you.

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