❤️ Happy February 31st! ❤️


Apologies if you don’t find the humor in that! February was a busy month for the Gulf Coast Driveshaft team. We needed a few extra days to get this done and sent out to you all.

And now some tidbits from the website underbelly:

• New videos for you to get your event fix from.

New SMS feature added to the website for orders. We have been testing this feature out…would greatly appreciate your feedback. Please leave us your feedback about this. Like it??? Leave comments below here if you’d like? If you have any suggestions for more features you’d like to see added feel free to discuss them on the forum, messaging, or Facebook. You can always send me (Web Girl) direct messages/contact form and let me know what you think would make the site better. Your feedback is always much appreciated.

PHOTO REVIEWS HERE ON THE WEBSITE thank you to all of no one who has done this for us. I hope you enjoyed your free merch. 😛🤪😜😝

New vehicles are going to be added to the website soon. We added the F150 driveshaft recently. You should definitely check out that pretty shaft.

Lizz has been working hard to bring you all up close and personal with the team so you can get to know them better.

There are a few new sections added to the navigation menu and sidebars on the site.

• Watch your mailbox for the March 34th newsletter. Just kidding! 🤣 I will get it out to you in time. (Although this month is already starting out very busy as well.)

– happy NMRA weekend – 🕸️ Web Girl 🕸️

P.S. my ‘Stang is prettier than yours 😛

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