Affiliate Account


In order to get paid commissions for your referrals there are some things you need to do first.

• You must be a U.S. citizen with a valid social security number.

• You must submit a W-9 form to our office. We DO NOT store this type of sensitive information on our website for security reasons. You must upload it to your Dropbox, Google Drive, etc and share it via link. Print the form and fill it out, (or fill it out in Adobe) then scan it (or take a photo of it) and upload it to your secure storage account and share the link via the contact form. We only need the first page. The other pages are instructions. You may also send a message to us via the contact form and wait for us to email you before sending the links if you’d prefer.

• We also need a valid photo ID with matching address. If your ID address does not match the address on your W-9, please also provide a current photo of a utility bill or phone bill with matching address. You may edit out personal information i.e. bill amount, account #. We only need name, address, & date to verify your identity. Provide links to these via Dropbox, Google Drive, etc also.

• Please let us know if you prefer store credit or payment to your account. You can decide later. Once your account has sufficient commissions and the orders have been completed you can request a payout.